John L. Wade

Incline Village & Reno, Nevada


In 2022, after 40 successful years of leadership in the printing industry, including the technologies related to print production and distribution, I have decided to focus on real estate which has been a huge part of my life since the early days of my childhood.

The registered Gung-Ho service mark brand will be used for Gung-Ho Investments, Gung-Ho Storage, and Gung-Ho Workplace.

The following post has been left here to provide historical information on the background of Gung-Ho.


In 1999, I decided to create a revolutionary “virtual company” that utilized the power of the Internet to integrate disparate brick-and-mortar suppliers to provide best-in-class printing, packaging, software manufacturing, e-commerce, and fulfillment solutions.

I named the new company Gung-Ho which is an American English word that literally means “work together,” and is used to refer to “extreme enthusiasm” and “performing in a successful manner.” The name fit and Gung-Ho was an immediate profitable success with first year revenue exceeding $8 million.

Today, Gung-Ho has become a technology leader in the manufacturing and fulfillment of printing, packaging, and media products. It has maintained its profitability, operated without incurring any debt, and, most importantly, has never lost a client based upon its quality or performance.

Moving forward, I am using Gung-Ho’s technological advantages to expand its e-commerce and on-demand printing operations within vertical niche markets.

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