John L. Wade

Incline Village & Reno, Nevada


I created this website as a way for people to find me, see what I am up to, and connect.

This is primarily a business-related website and, since I refuse to use Big Tech social media and social networking, this is the only place to find the limited “personal stuff” I want to share on the Web.

Note: After 40 successful years of leadership in the printing industry, including the technologies related to print production and distribution, I have decided to focus on expanding my Downtown Reno commercial real estate holdings and the various businesses associated with those properties.

The Gung-Ho brand will be used for Gung-Ho Investments, Gung-Ho Management, Gung-Ho Hospitality, Gung-Ho Workplace, and Gung-Ho Storage.

Website Updated June 5, 2024

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Contact Info

John L. Wade
+1 (775) 843-1800
johnlwade (Skype)