In 1999, I started Gung-Ho as a “virtual company” that utilized the power of the Internet to integrate disparate brick-and-mortar suppliers to provide best-in-class software manufacturing and fulfillment solutions. Gung-Ho’s first year revenue exceeded $8 million.

Today, Gung-Ho is an industry leader in the manufacturing and fulfillment of printing, packaging, and media products. Gung-Ho specializes in on demand printing and CD/DVD disc duplication, turnkey software manufacturing, e-commerce and Web store integration, order management, digital content delivery, electronic software distribution (ESD), and worldwide physical product fulfillment.

Since its inception, Gung-Ho has maintained profitability, operated without incurring any debt, and has never lost a client based upon its quality or performance. Gung-Ho is currently expanding its e-commerce and demand publishing operations within vertical niche markets.